Wednesday, 8 January 2014

After the Storm 19th Jan 5 to 7pm


Alison Bailey Smith said...

The Momentary Art Project invite everyone to celebrate the community of New Brighton at an evening of song, storm and sonnet from 5pm until 7pm, in the foyer of The Light Cinema at Marine Point, New Brighton on Sunday 19th of January 2014 between 5 and 7 pm..

The event will see the screening of previously unseen footage of New Brighton storms long gone from Bob Bird’s archive provided courtesy of Robin Bird, the maiden voyage of The Black Pearl and the recent storm with vox pops compiled by Daly Basis. It will be screened on of the downstairs screening rooms at The Light that was affected badly by the flood in December. It will be a ticketed screening but free tickets will be available on the night by donation. There will be several showings throughout the evening.

As well as the screening, there will be entertainment in the foyer, join the local musicians - EightBand, Pacific Swing a youth choir with Tracey Carmen, poet Clare Kirwan, The Crew of The Black Pearl, the MAP team and The New Brighteners.- the community clean up gang for an evening of music and laughter.

Frank Lund, the artist created the driftwood Wirral icon the Black Pearl with his friend Major Mace, supported by Sue, Major’s wife who supports them with cups of tea and running the facebook page. Frank said of the event

“The loss of the Black Pearl in this recent great storm was both magnificent to see and a sad loss to our community. But it is that strong community that will help to rebuild the Pearl, it is that same community that gathered the rubbish along with The New Brighteners after the devastation. It is this same community that will come together to celebrate and reflect on all that has been built, lost and rebuilt again during the “After the Storm” celebration, organised by the team that are the Momentary Art Project”.

The evening is free but all who attend will be asked to donate to four local causes – the Momentary Art Project to continue hosting art events and involving the community, the New Brighteners – for help with gloves, equipment for safety when collecting, the Black Pearl to get nails, screws and rope and the stalwart RNLI to help them do what they do so well.

There will be a café and bar available and the cinema is open as usual for more conventional screenings!

colin saul said...

We travelled down from Scotland last weekend especially to see the Black Pearl showing and see progress of her rebuilding having seen her in the summer in all her glory.The evening was gantastic.
We live in Scotland#s Artists' Town a small but vibrant fishing port in the southwest of Scotland.
We run an annual art and crafts trail which is massively varied involving open studios sheds gardens galleries and open spaces. Last year was our tenth anniversary and we had 92 venues and 200 participants Much of our own input is on a sea/beach/boat theme. We make use of driftwood too and metal for skeletons and figures, just one example has been posted on the Black Pearl facebook page.
We have been since thinking having researched MAP that we would love to be more involved by organising a trip down to you to promote not just Kikrcudbright as a lovely place to visit but more importantly for yourselves what a wonderful project MAP is and Black Pearl in particular.
We could bring down aa vanload of our exhibits which would we suggest be shown next to the Black Pearl to give promenaders a real interaction with the project?
Please take a look at just a few of the images on both our trail website and Kikrcudbright Summer Festivities sites and facebook kirkcufbright summer festivities ,,there are lots of links. However our main reason for this offer is to do it for you because we love what we do and anything involved with the sea and quirky art.
To recap we could bring down. metal skeletons.tin figures,large picture frames.beach hut backdrops,mini beach huts,large model fish.treasure chest with kids pirate dressing up,lots of seaside props and loads of enthusiasm ! We also have a small vintage touring caravan but that might visit later.
So,,, we hope you are as fired with enthuiasm as we are to get involed If you are then please let us know and we van proceed with possible dates etc and any permissions necessary
my email is
Best Regards