Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Winter wonderland developing

Frank Lund of the Black Pearl helped out in between finding wood from The Black Pearl all over the coast of the Mersey
Carl Leckey, Jean Benfield and Alison Bailey Smith's snowflakes and stars and donated snowflakes from Rachel Rogers and family.

Breda's painting with Alison's laminated snowflakes made of scraps of paper from making other snowflakes...perpetual recycling.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013


The Winter Wonderland window has been coming together this week with myself and one of the other directors, we still have lights and wings to add to the Angel of New Brighton (High Viz jacket, waders and overalls and gloves - to immortalise the clean up crews). Many artists have contributed snowflakes including myself and other directors, Jean and Carl. Carl has found new found zeal in creating snowflakes with old posters and junk mail - no paper is spared in their house! Still room for more snowflakes if anyone gets the urge to be creative.

We are meeting tomorrow to plan the "After the Storm" event with the suggested date of the 19th of January between 5 and 7pm... We are all very happy to hear from more businesses who might want to get involved. Glad to have Robin Bird on board with his father's footage of previous storms, poet Clare Kirwan, and some local musicians...but room for more and open to suggestions. We will be using Screen 2 and the foyer space for the event.

MAP directors, Liz Byrne and Shaun Fanning managed to get a few Love Wirral applications in through MAP and with some of the local schools but obviously timing was not perfect (Stormageddon), but we hope to look for future funding so we can complete the decoration of the buildings on Harrison Drive.

We also have a few other projects on the go for some other buildings in New Brighton which we will tell you about soon.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

MAP update

After a meeting this morning at the Light with Jane and Hayley and The Black Pearl crew, it was decided not to go ahead with the launch on Thursday and although the Winter Wonderland will materialise over a few days in the unit and into The Light, we will not do a launch on Thursday as previously advertised. 

We need to recuperate after the storm and build to a charity event in the New Year, which we hope you can be involved in. MAP did not get hit that badly, but as many of you know The Black Pearl and many businesses were affected by the storm last Thursday. The new event will be a celebration of the black pearl, surviving the storm and the relaunch of the ground floor cinemas at The Light...with a working title of "After the storm".


The evening will be a community event and a fundraiser - probably for the Black Pearl and ourselves, the Momentary Art Project (we are a community interest company with 7 voluntary directors) and maybe other. We hope to use one of the screens (with kind permission from The Light) to show footage from a previous storm with live music, and use the foyer space for more activities such as music and poetry. As yet a date has not been decided upon but we will be meeting again next week.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to get involved. 

Other news: Still looking for folks to tender for mural

MAP directors Shaun and Liz managed to battle through and get some grant applications in to Love Wirral so fingers crossed and this is for an entirely different project...

We have many irons in the fire!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Is it the end of Love the Black Pearl...NO!

Unit was planned to be open last weekend for viewing from 1 until 3pm and then the show was to come down on last Monday, making way for Winter Wonderland.....

STOP press: due to our minor flooding because of the storm that hit Marine Point last Thursday and also carried away The Black Pearl...we have decided to morph Love the Black Pearl into a winter wonderland...culminating in an evening at the Light cinema in January to celebrate the Black Pearl, the wealth of support from the community and the re-opening of the ground floor theatres. More of this keep the snowflakes coming by whatever means.