Monday, 3 August 2015

Liz Jeary was our final exhibitor in Unit 13

We are very sad to longer have a unit at Marine Point as it has been a very happy home for our exhibitions since the end of 2012 and we thank Danny, Security team and management for all their support.

Our final exhibitor was Liz Jeary showing contemporary photography with embelishment of embroidery. It was very kindly reviewed by the wonderful folks at Art in Liverpool with an article by Neil Murphy. Apologies to Liz for not updated our blog before.  It was a wonderful exhibition to end on and glad she was able to open up the exhibits so regularly especially for the Astral Coast event with Arts and Mind Festival and the Love New Brighton Parade on her final weekend of exhibiting.

We hope to work with all the people at Marine Point again, having had great collaborations with The Light Cinema amongst other businesses.

Flash Art show on the Travel Lodge Holy Wall.

Weather permitting, MAP are putting up a Flash Art show on the Travel Lodge Holy Wall.
12.30 til 2pm..
Today 3rd August .
Just a bit of fun.
Hope you will like it.

And you can see the progress on the mural.....

Update for August: What is happening in the car park behind the Travelodge at Marine Point?

Local artist Fred Biddulph explaining to an interested member of the public his technique as he creates a huge mural entitled A MOMENT IN TIME. The painting is a Momentary Art Project sited on one side of a Marine Point shipping container located in the car park.
Former MAP exhibitor in The Three Elements exhibition in 2013, Fred Biddulph (signwriter and mural painter) has been working on a scene of New Brighton with the permission and support of Promenade Estates at Marine Point to create a mural to liven up the rear of the hotel and businesses in the development. Brighten New Brighton is a MAP initiative to bring colour to the grey prom area of New Brighton. There are already several panels on Harrison Drive produced through initiatives from MAP and these will be joined by a large mural with Nicola Taggart of Tag Arts working with Mount Primary School and volunteers to decorate a United Utilities building on the dips.
The completion of the painting will coincide with the installation of more popular colourful benches located along Ian Fraser walk. The bench project is initiated and administrated by the Wirral Older Peoples Parliament with the support of our MAP director Carl Leckey MBE CF FRSA. 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Our current "rubbish" show

The New Brighteners are a group of volunteers committed to keeping New Brighton's beaches, and its immediate environment, clean and litter free. They spread the word that clean beaches are good for everyone, and litter-filled beaches are bad for people, bad for the environment and bad for marine life!

The Momentary Art Project donated some money to the group from our fundraising event "After the Storm" in 2014.

Rubbish exhibition at Marine Point

Watch our unit at Marine Point, New Brighton as the New Brighteners change their "rubbish exhibition.

Momentary Art Project

We, in the Momentary Art Project and all the other projects we are involved in outwith MAP have had a great few weeks with the Cunard visit, Town Crier contest, skipping contest, Wirral Open Studio Tour.

We created a window for Cunard with three ships created by the MAP directors to go with the canvases from Mount Primary School created with Nicola Taggart (now Mrs Lowe - congratulations) with funding support from Mount and Your Wirral...this is in the lead up to our mural project.

We had lovely flags created for us by Vanessa Ryall for Cunard Visit

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MAP update part two : the outreach

The Momentary Art Project were awarded a grant from Your Wirral last year and with support from United Utilities and Mount Primary school have been working with artist Nicola McTaggart of Tag Arts to create artwork for the Wallasey Storm Tanks based on Bathing through the Ages in New Brighton.

Initially the year four class at Mount in Liscard, after the introduction by Alison of MAP and Nicola of TAG decorated the cover of the scrap book Nicola had prepared and started to gather information, they were further assisted by Liz of MAP.

This was followed a week later by looking at fashions for bathing through the ages and a little introduction to art deco styles from Jean and Mike from MAP. Nicola explained about the colour wheel.

This week, the young artists will be working on canvases that will go on display in the MAP unit at Marine Point to coincide with the visit of the Cunard Liners in May.