Monday, 3 August 2015

Liz Jeary was our final exhibitor in Unit 13

We are very sad to longer have a unit at Marine Point as it has been a very happy home for our exhibitions since the end of 2012 and we thank Danny, Security team and management for all their support.

Our final exhibitor was Liz Jeary showing contemporary photography with embelishment of embroidery. It was very kindly reviewed by the wonderful folks at Art in Liverpool with an article by Neil Murphy. Apologies to Liz for not updated our blog before.  It was a wonderful exhibition to end on and glad she was able to open up the exhibits so regularly especially for the Astral Coast event with Arts and Mind Festival and the Love New Brighton Parade on her final weekend of exhibiting.

We hope to work with all the people at Marine Point again, having had great collaborations with The Light Cinema amongst other businesses.

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