Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Crucial Three until 31st of May 2014

Nestled between Subway and Starbucks in New Brighton, is Unit 13 and the current home of the Momentary Art Project C.I.C. On display throughout May are the artworks of Callum Parry and Sam Hunt who go under the name of Crucial Three. The exhibition will run until the 31st of May and will be followed by an exhibition from the RNLI.

The younger of the two artists  is 17 years old Callum Parry who is studying fine art as one of his A-Levels at Mosslands School. He hopes take a foundation art degree at college before heading off to university to study either fine art or digital art.
 He has developed the confidence to use paint and started to study figures, faces and landscapes in the last couple of years but in the last 6 months has been studying portraiture and has come to realise that it is his strongest area in art.

"Since I was about five I have taken an interest in drawing.

 I always knew I wanted to become a great artist or work in the arts."

Sam Hunt is currently in his first year studying Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University. In studying art at A-Level at Mosslands, he became obsessed with 'making' work in many different ways.

"My love of art was ignited at an early age largely due to the influence of my father, and paternal grandparents who are all accomplished artists themselves. Although their artwork was very traditional it gave me a good grounding in how to draw and paint. As I have matured and understood how to interpret different styles of art I have developed my own unique interpretation of making art, which I feel has expanded my range, and helped me to build an exciting portfolio."

Outside university Sam has been involved in numerous exhibitions including the Heswall Arts Festival and the Rotary Art Exhibition and hopes to exhibit more in the Wirral throughout the year.

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Fred Biddulph said...

Great to see up-and-coming, local artists and we know they are only going to get better.
When they are famous we can say 'I remember them when they where starting out'