Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Caravan Gallery

I have just been taking a look at Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale's book "is Britain great? 2" and found a paragraph I wanted to share with you as we gather momentum on the Wirral Pride of Place Project in our unit at Marine Point

"Caravan Gallery Britain doesn't exist in tourist brochures and marketing campaigns or grace the pages of glossy lifestyle magazines; we try to resist the lure of landmarks, must-see attractions and overpriced family fun in favour of undesignated sights and accidental diversions. We understand why 'destination' guides tend to perpetuate single-faceted rose-tinted aspirational versions of places but firmly believe in a more adventurous approach to exploration, a foray beyond sanitised homogeneity, can be equally wirthwhile" the intrepid explorer is forced to question long held stereotypical beliefs and may be rewarded with unexpected discoveries and revelations"

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