Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Community Partner update: Poet Clare Kirwan

love new brighton - © Janine Pinion

Over the water

On this side wading birds line up
evenly spaced: the usual suspects.

Over the water, new towers rise
with metal fists to summon clouds

On this side, promenade centurions
patrol their battlements of water.

Over the water your turbines spin the wind
and windows twinkle like diamonds.

On this side we wave like abandoned aunties
you will not visit, who boast of your success.

Over the water all your new splendor
is a kind of puppetry suspended by cranes.

When I’m there I look back again to this side
when I’m here I look across to you

seagulls polka dot the sky over the water
and I’m lost, like them somewhere between the two

©  Clare Kirwan

 From ‘Sculpted’ anthology of North West Poets to be launched in April

Details of painting used to illustrate Clare's poem
7: Artist: Janine Pinion
Title: Wet sands at New Brighton
Medium: Watercolour
Janine Pinion
I’ve always lived by the sea, originally in Belfast and now in New Brighton. The tides rise and fall, changes in the coastal landscape happen slowly or overnight. I like the patterns left in the sands and the way light falls on them – bits of sky reflected in rivulets. I usually work in oils but over the past couple of years I’ve been photographing and painting the Wirral coast in watercolours. It presents so many aspects, from salt marsh to industrial docklands. I like the link to Ireland too.

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