Friday, 1 March 2013

Further along the beach....The Black Pearl

We are delighted to have a post from a new community partner of the Momentary Art Project, Frank Lund who along with Major C. Mace has been creating a very special and unique addition to New Brighton.

"The driftwood pirate ship on the rocks by Dalmorton Road slipway is the latest construction in an ongoing community art project. The ship has been built by myself and my friend and neighbour Major C. Mace, with direct contributions from many individuals and with the support of the wider community. I started the “Art on the Beach” project in July 2012 and both local and visitor communities have warmly supported my work from the first day. 

Much of my time on the beach is spent talking to people, hearing their stories, seeking their feedback and ideas and explaining what I’m doing, why and how the project might develop. Many people have given their time to encourage me, to comment and to get mentally and physically involved. I have had opportunities to work with the children of many families visiting the beach and I hope that they will take away something from these experiences – I certainly learn from them and from their wonderful imaginative powers.

Over the months the community has become progressively more involved and pro-active in the project. There is growing contribution, collaboration and independent construction taking place across all age groups. The Christmas Nativity was very successful especially in the increased intervention by local people. This was a turning point in the kind of constructions used and this change strongly influenced the ideas for the pirate ship. The response from the community to the pirate ship has been immense and I think it is fair to say that there is a real love for this work and a feeling of community ownership.

All beach constructions are temporary and will be destroyed by the tide, by storms or by people. New Brighton’s Black Pearl will certainly meet such an end and in so doing will provide a blank canvas for the next project. It may be that I will not produce anything else as successful and well-loved in the future, but provided the project continues to run then someone else may come along who will." 

Frank Lund: February 2013

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